Concerns for the future

Unless you have been somewhere very remote for the past few weeks, you’ll be aware of the current public health crisis affecting the UK. Long story short, as a result of this the majority of us have lost our liberty and as a result, our hobbies too. The only thing you will find open outside your home is a supermarket. Everything else is closed on Government orders for the foreseeable future.

Lets return to the loss of our hobbies. Lots of us enjoy the railway as a hobby, young, old, serving employees or retirees. The impact of what is happening in the UK at present may be so severe that some of the organisations that oversee your hobby may cease to exist even before the freedom of movement restrictions are lifted.

We rely on people like you, the reader, who decides to pursue the railway as their chosen hobby. It keeps the lights on and the wheels turning.

Our host, the East Kent Railway, currently has NO income and is currently not covered by any Government funding scheme. The longer this goes on the quicker we will exhaust our funding reserves.

This means a fleet of trains, EMU, DMU, DEMU and coaching stock will be at real risk of being sold for scrap as there is currently nowhere else to store such a large collection at short notice (we as a preservation group have issues finding storage for ONE vehicle, let alone a dozen). Tens of thousands of pounds worth of assets will likely go with them. Years of volunteer labour will be lost.

The only thing we can suggest that all of you do at the moment to attempt to alleviate the situation is donate your ticket fare, special event fee (£2 day, £15 Cream Tea, £15 Fish & Chip Special ect.) to our hosts regardless if you can attend or not.

The Donate button below will allow you to give directly to the East Kent Railway Trust via Paypal.



Owner of, units 1399 and 3905.