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Progress on 76818

76818s gangway connector has been refitted at Eastleigh following a lot drawn out process of sourcing a replacement seal which had perished. It is hoped that attention will soon be turned to the underframe, bogies and bodysides as these items have been left as “last jobs” before the coach returns to Dartmoor.


Last Passenger Now Viewing on Sky Movies Until Jun 13…

Last Passenger will be showing at the following times every day until Jun 13 2014.

5th Jun

5th Jun 06:00am Sky Movies Premier

5th Jun 06:00am Sky Movies Premier HD

5th Jun 07:00am Sky Movies Premier  +1

5th Jun 14:15pm Sky Movies Premier

5th Jun 14:15pm Sky Movies Premier HD

5th Jun 15:15pm Sky Movies Premier  +1

6th Jun

6th Jun 12:00am Sky Movies Premier

6th Jun 12:00am Sky Movies Premier HD

6th Jun 01:00am Sky Movies Premier  +1

6th Jun 06:00am Sky Movies Premier

6th Jun 06:00am Sky Movies Premier HD

6th Jun 07:00am Sky Movies Premier  +1

7th Jun

7th Jun 01:25am Sky Movies Premier

7th Jun 01:25am Sky Movies Premier HD

7th Jun 02:25am Sky Movies Premier  +1

7th Jun 06:00am Sky Movies Premier

7th Jun 06:00am Sky Movies Premier HD

7th Jun 07:00am Sky Movies Premier  +1

76818s Saloon Interior Nears Completion…

A few pieces of trim, window frame fitting and a luggage rack to go up – that is all that remains of a 4-year hand refit of 76818s passenger saloon. The missing “end” seat backs and squabs are being collected for refitting shortly.

Many of you will also have noticed that its “nose” or gangway connector has been removed for some time, this was due to a perished seal. I am hoping to have this part come in to me fairly soon, so it can have a long overdue “nose job”.IMG_1013


A Decision on “Lisa”…


A decision has now been made as to the fate of unit 1499 at the Dean Forest Railway, more details will be posted in due course. I have been asked not to publish exact details at this present time, however I can say that it will benefit 1399 and other preserved CIG units.

Feb 2014 Update

Its been a while since any news updates were posted here, this is mainly due to my day job, working on 7 EMU vehicles in my spare time and having to refurbish and manufacture new parts amongst other things.


Is generally fine and still in its original formation. 76818 is still at Eastleigh however, but is nearing the end of its interior rebuild. 62385 is now in the shed at Meldon Quarry receiving much needed attention including a full repaint and interior refit.

I am looking to have 76818 back at Dartmoor by 2015 for 1399’s 10th year in preservation, for which there may possibly be some sort of an event/open day for.

62385 needs welding work to be done on the bodyends, which will be done on site by ourselves. I could not justify the cost of getting a contractor out to do it. However we will need to procure a 5.5kva diesel generator for the welder which there will probably be a fundraiser for at some point.


Is also in pretty good condition, albeit with a bit of graffiti from Chart Leacon which will be painted out in due time. There are a few things on the to-do list, one being refitting of its control jumpers. One set has already been refurbished and are ready to be fitted to 76398.

Interior wise the gutters will need to be sealed on all coaches and all the cheek panels replaced. Some of these were done at Barrow Hill but replaced with plain un-upholstered wood.

76397 has a seized handbrake which we will also be looking at.

Other Matters:

As some of you may know, 1499 which was based at the Dean Forest Railway was sent for scrap at the end of 2013.

Unfortunately this one just could not be saved, no amount of interest or money would have made any difference to the outcome. Plus I had a choice to make, a wrecked 1499 or a decent 3905.

The other unfortunate part about this is that all the traction equipment and bogies from 1499 were also lost in the process.

Those who remember there was also a small fundraiser for 1499 to obtain either parts or secure preservation of the unit. Since the DFR has scrapped the unit there funds collected were distributed back into 1399 and used for parts, materials and tools. Things like interior trim is surprisingly expensive, 62385s order was around the £220 mark excluding any upholstery!

62385 Undergoing Interior Refresh & Repaint…

MBSO 62385 of 1399 is currently undergoing a full repaint and interior refresh. Work includes maintenance to the vehicle body, sealing of the guttering, repaint of the roof, bodysides, solebar and bogie frames/detail.

The brake van area has also been cleared of prop furniture since this was surplus to requirements following its film contract use. The brake van doors have also been reinstated.

Internally, every piece of wood panelling in the corners of all windows and between seating bays will be replaced, including brand new upholstered cheek panels. It will be replaced with plywood, high quality upholstery foam and non-woollen moquette. This is to combat severe rot encouraged by the original hardboard/fibreboard and pure wool moquette.

A quantity of the new panels have been treated with clear varnish to further repel water & condensation.

62385 Meldon Shed

62385 Meldon Shed

New cheek panels being upholstered for 62385. It will still retain its "red" colour scheme.

New cheek panels being upholstered for 62385. It will still retain its “red” colour scheme.

VOP Unit to Dartmoor…

After a considerable effort in the face of poor weather conditions, two vehicles of VOP 3905 have now been successfully delivered to Meldon.

VOP 3905 Driving Trailer & TSO outside Meldon shed.

One of 3905s Driving Trailers being unloaded.

Keep the Donations Coming!

£600 has now been received under the “Saving Lisa” appeal. Big thanks to everyone that has contributed so far! Dig deep and keep those donations coming in, every penny received brings 1499 closer to being saved from scrap.

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